Stop Worrying & Start Living

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How To Stop Worrying — How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

If you Google the phrase “How to stop worrying” you will witness that Google yields a whopping 10 million search results in less than half a second. Quite evidently, there is sea of suggestions available. The number of suggestions indicates how desperately people seek help to get over their worries to lead a pleasant life. However, in modern society, as human mind is driven by pre-conceived aspirations and expectations, worries hardly ever escape any head. Some believe that worrying is their driving force and drawing too much moral from the classic fable, ‘The Crocodile and the Turtle’ nurture the practice. While there are some who are so miserably given to worrying that they even worry about how to stop worrying and start living. Glenn Turner once said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.” All the thoughts of someone who worries too much revolves around “what ifs”. A fear of the unknown and anticipation of something bad always boggles the mind. But as a matter of fact, worriers hardly act like real warriors, when confronted with anticipated challenges. They often dissipate all their faculties worrying and are left with little for the face-off. Listed below are few simple yet efficacious ways of getting over your worries.

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living
Don’t Let You Thoughts Ramble
One must learn how to discipline his thoughts. Don’t let your thoughts to have a will and course of their own. You must not let thoughts jazz around like a cow grazing in the meadows or waft along like a detached kite. You are the master of your thoughts, try and fetter them.

Optimism Is The Key
Try to be optimistic as far as possible and be rational. Optimism doesn’t mean lying on your back all day long and dream of becoming the president of the U.S. one day. Such irrational optimism is inadvisable. Summon all your positive attitudes and try to negate the negativism. It is true that life is not a bed of roses, but it is not a bed of thorns either. Avoid gloomy or melancholic outlook towards life. Persuade your mind to believe that your worries are too futile as compared to your abilities to counteract.

Distract Your Thoughts
Whenever worrying thoughts start creeping into your mind, start reading a book, watch a movie, compose a playlist or start listening to your favorite songs. Do what pleases you the most. It will help replacing your worrying thoughts with something amusing. In fact, find some time to do what you enjoy the most on a daily basis. You will hardly realize when you stopped worrying and started living.

Don’t Be Alone
Try not to be alone. Call a friend and hangout or go and start chatting with one of your closest family members. Making oneself busy in household works also helps to avoid worrying thoughts.

Nowadays meditation seems to be the solution of all health and mental hazards. There are many popular practices. Adopt one that seems most viable. It will help relax your mind so as to escape worrying thoughts. Breathing exercises are often helpful.

Confront Your Problems
Don’t let your problems eat your mind. Confront them on the face. Sometimes, in reality problems fall far shorter in severity than anticipated. However, people out of the fear of losing ahead on battle with their problems, normally start procrastinating. As a result, unknowingly they let their problems grow profusely. So confront head on and get rid of them even as they start taking root.

Forget About The Future And The Past
Do not let your future or past interfere with your present. Don’t think too much about the mistakes and the accomplishments of the past and what might lie in store for you in the future. For a better future, set your goals, work hard today, and leave the rest for the fate to configure. Don’t dwell on either of them as they will deprive you of your present happiness.

Categorize your preferences according to their importance. It will help you to focus on the major issues rather than the trifles. Sometimes people get too engrossed in the matters of little concern and the important ones go heedless and unresolved, thereby initiating the cause of future worries.

Assess Yourself
The only apparent key to success in this modern and highly competitive world is to out run others. Find some time to analyze your abilities and calibrate your aspirations accordingly. Do not strive to match others. Set you own goals and work accordingly. Every individual is unique and longing to match others will only enhance one’s worries and will beget lifelong frustration.

Keep A Journal
Jot down your thoughts, your fears and your worries. After writing down everything you are worried about in a journal, you will find a sense of relief. As it is said “know thy enemy”, thus if you have a record of what you are really afraid of or what annoys you the most, then you can objectively look for solutions and will be better equipped to confront your worrying thoughts.

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living At A Glance

    • Figure out what will it fetch.
    • Stay optimistic.
    • Don’t nurture gloomy thoughts.
    • Don’t assume and anticipate too much.
    • Mediate and ease your muscles.
    • Distract your thoughts.
    • Talk to friends or family.
    • Find what pleases you the most.
    • Avoid caffeine.
    • Count worry beads.
    • Take a warm bath.
    • Summon your good memories of the past.
    • Watch a funny movie.
    • Set preferences.

Seldom have we found a human being who hasn’t fell into the clutches of worries in his life. Worries are as natural to human beings as feathers to birds. More or less, a human mind will hardly be able to escape worries at some point or the other in his life. However, when worries overwhelm a human mind, it deprives a person of all the joys of life, rather than life itself. So one has to overcome the barrier and curb his worries to an extent that it no longer robs one of the joys of living.