How To Be Creative

How to Be Creative

Although people make it look like a big deal, creativity isn’t really an elusive trait. In fact, there is no one man on this planet who doesn’t have a creative bone in his body. Agreed, some people appear to be more creative than normal mortals are. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative too. Creativity is like our breath, an integral part of who we are. Every person is an individual and there are no two people alike, isn’t that creative enough! Exploring yourself, finding your true passions and interests can pave your way to creativity. It’s not an attribute that comes with an alarm or a wakeup call—creativity is something that creeps in by original influences, external and internal. Some people argue that creativity cannot be taught; it is an innate quality. However, our levels of creativity can certainly be increased by changing how we view life and the situations we come across. As the famous saying goes, “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun”. So go ahead enhance this hidden ability and let your creative juices flow.

Ways To Be More Creative

Be Your Own Judge
The first step to attain creativity is to find out what you want to do, irrespective of whether it makes any sense to others or not. Do not bother to stop for suggestions, as people often tend to criticise anything that is new and radical. Fortunately or unfortunately, advice comes unwanted and for free. And, it’s ok to have doubts towards something that is free! So listen to your heart and your inner instincts to follow the creative path. Don’t let criticism bog you down. If you want to fill color using a white crayon, go ahead and do it. Someone will surely see beauty in it!

Avoid Trends Religiously
A creative person is someone who defines trends and not someone who blindly follows it. One way to get your creative juices flowing is to stay away from the well-defined genres and try thinking outside the box. You do not have to wear playsuits or jumpsuits, because everyone around does. Instead, come up with your own fashion trends. Well, that doesn’t mean you shun yourself completely, but find inspiration from what is happening around you and mix it with a wealth of your creative ideas. A creative person not only stands out from the crowd, but he stays away from the crowd altogether.

Be Sociable—Creativity Is Within People
Inspiration is the key to creativity, and your greatest source of inspiration is the people around you. Being extremely sociable and working with people around can get your creative side rolling. Everyone has something to offer. Even Popeye and Olive Oyl were figments of somebody’s inspiration. The inspiration for the character of “Popeye” came from Frank Fiegel of Chester, while “Olive Oyl” was inspired from a shopkeeper called Dora. Therefore, studying others and communicating with them is the best way to work on the mind block. Even visiting a gallery or a studio is a source of inspiration. Seeing another artist’s creation might just inspire you to try something new.

Be Exciting And Fun
Revitalizing and refueling yourself with energy is a way of life. Keep those eyes open and the observation skills on the roll. Indulging in projects that are fun gives a chance to play with your interests and taps your creative brain to the utmost. Surrounding yourself with something that bores you does nothing, but saps you out of your creative juices. On the other hand, being around happy energies flexes your imagination all the more.

Overcome The Hurdles
If there is a problem, then there is solution to it too. Instead of finding an easy way out, look at them as challenges. Usually in the process of advancing on ideas for the problem that creative and mind-blowing solutions come up. You can see creativity is usually an accident of the optimist. For e.g. microwave ovens, where most of our food comes from in today’s time, was an accidental invention where the scientists were figuring out a nuclear problem. Penicillin was a result of the accident where some scientist’s snot fell into the Petri dish. Folding your arms and waiting for creativity to happen doesn’t work. Being in constant face of challenge is where the real magic lies.

Never Compare Yourself
This is the where you really need to take a stand. Comparing your work with others means you are pulling your creativity down using your own strengths. Pablo Picasso wouldn’t be Pablo Picasso if he just tried to emulate Leonardo Da Vinci. Every individual has two different sides that different people see. As Kurt Cobain said,” Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.” Keeping that individuality is the key to creativity.

These were some of the ways to unleash your creative juices. Remember creativity is just a matter of finding that hidden potential, and you can explore it with time.