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Getting Rid Of Your Fear


While in office, do you suffer from “catagelophobia” (fear of being ridiculed)? Do you think your boss snubs you for the smallest of errors as he suffers from “atelophobia” (fear of imperfection) or does not accept any of your fresh ideas as he is afflicted with “cainophobia” (fear of newness,...

Managing Anger — Anger Management

Tips On Anger Management


Anger is a natural emotion, embedded in our ancient survival instincts, where any form of threat evoked a strong defence mechanism. It was accompanied by power-battle and aggression that helped to decisively establish one’s righteousness or superiority over the other. In today’s stressful times, when you are juggling with n-number...

Overcoming Stage Fright — How To Overcome Stage Fright

Overcoming Stage Fright

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Stage fright is a typical manifestation of a Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD or SAnD) where a person is terrified of social embarrassment, charientism and overall disgrace in public by anticipating possible goof-ups. It is often associated with blushing, panting, sweating, stammering, tremor in limbs, dry mouth and many more signs...