How To Be Popular

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How To Be Popular

Will Rogers had rightly said, “Popularity is the easiest thing in the world to gain and it is the hardest thing to hold.” Everyone wants to be socially accepted, adored and appreciated, in short, become popular.  Being popular is definitely a big high but for that, you need to present yourself in an impressive light so that you make a quick entry to everyone’s good books. The canonic problem with many people is that they do not know how to do so. Most think that putting up a little act, hanging out with popular people, doing or saying something radical, or just updating a funny status on Facebook can grab them a quick ticket to popularity. Being popular is not an impossible task if you have a clear idea about how to go about it. Are the qualities and skill sets of all popular people the same? Do they all wear the same type of clothes? Do they all live in the same way? Obviously not! There are no written rules on how to become popular.  Then how do you become popular? Read this article to know how to become popular. 

Becoming Popular 

Create An Objective
You become popular when you achieve something great. The primary thing required for this is to have a goal. Unless you have a goal, you will not be focused and eventually end up doing and achieving nothing. 

Know About Successful People
Try to find out information about famous people and know how they achieved their goals, how they confronted difficulties and overcame those hurdles. While doing this, you will come to know that success is not an accident; it is the result of regular, persistent efforts.

Develop Self Confidence
Being self-confident is very important to reach success. Do not let your weakness rule you. Try to push yourself with the positive qualities you have. No one is complete, everyone has weakness. Success lies in how you tackle your weakness. Never sit in a corner, always try to be in the front line.

Step Out
This is very important part. You should always step out of your comfort zone and should be ready to take up challenges and risk. It is only when you cover that extra mile, do people recognize you. Do something that make you stand out from others.

Be Smart
You should push yourself to make contacts and also be comfortable talking with others.  Always be sure about what you say and work to gain some knowledge so that you can comment on general topics. This will attract people towards you. Being a silent person sitting in the darkest corner will not make you popular. Try to develop good humour sense. Good humour is a sure shot way to attract people towards you.

Be Friendly
Always be amicable everyone you know. Do not give offensive comments and do not take things personally. Develop a sportive spirit and enjoy jokes.  Be pleasing always and try to keep a smile on your face. Try to talk to anyone and everyone who crosses your path, if not, at least exchange a smile or say hello.

Have A Good Style
Maintain a good style and make sure that you are abreast with the latest trends. Dress up impressively and also according to the occasion. You can also try your own style but make sure that it is sensible.

Talk Carefully
Stick on to safe topics rather than commenting on controversial issues like religion or politics. You can always express your views but, make sure that you do not hurt others. If at all your tongue slips, do apologize for that. Acknowledging your fault will create a good impression on others.

Be Polite
Always be polite and humble. No one likes braggarts and you may notice people soon disappearing from your circle. Do not talk about yourself, but make others talk about you. Respect privacy, do not try to be overtly friendly and inquire about their personal matters. Always stick on to superficial things rather than making them uncomfortable by digging their past. You should be able to set your limits. Nobody likes a chesty person who lords his/her supposed superiority over others.

Stop Thinking About Yourself
To be popular among people, the first thing you should do is to empathize with others. This is possible only if you think about others. Normally, you keep worrying about how you look, how you sound, what people think about you, etc. Stop doing this and think about others and empathize with people around you. Never try to act interesting just to grab other’s attention, this will look very artificial. Be genuine and honest.

Offer Help
You should note that popular people do not know everyone, but they maintain good terms with all. First thing you should do to establish yourself is to make good rapport with others. Make them feel that you are with them. Do not hesitate to say something like:

    “Well, I hope things work out. If you need anything, just call me, OK?”

    “I can’t believe he did that. Do you want me to talk to him for you?”

Don’t Try Too Hard
Don’t be too much conscious about your popularity. Just be yourself, honest, genuine and humble. If you are so desperate to be popular, then it will reflect in everything you do. This will create an impression that you are a fake. So don’t try too hard to become popular.

Popularity is not something that you can achieve overnight. It happens gradually and takes time. You need to present yourself in an attractive manner such that it grabs the whole attention. It is good to be popular, but it is important that you achieve it in a fair way. It is something you get through what you give.