How To Get Respect

How to Get Respect

As a child, you were perhaps taught that respect is purely a give-and-take policy. However, to tell you the truth, respect is never given, it’s earned! It takes years to build respect, just like your reputation. Simply put, respect is admiration or esteem that follows as a result of a good deed, an impressive designation, out of humility and confidence, and even power. All of us yearn for respect, but only a few achieve it. Wonder what makes ‘respect’ such an elusive trait? The fact that it can’t be bought, snatched or stolen, but earned is what gives it its coveted status. It is indeed a great feeling to be held in high esteem by people, but you have to put in efforts for that. There are numerous ways in which you can command respect. This write-up will help you know the many ways in which you can get respect in life.

Regardless of how fat or dark you are, what you have done in the past, or how big or small your paycheck is, it’s important to respect oneself first. This is because only when you respect yourself can you expect the same from others. If you hold yourself in low-esteem and censure yourself for every small thing, it could really blow away your self-confidence into zillion pieces. If you want to be respected by others, start seeing yourself in positive light first.

You Get What You Give
Respect is something that you cannot demand on a gunpoint, but something that has to come naturally to you. It’s only when you give respect that you gain it back. For that, it is important to treat others with care and compassion and be there for others when they need you. Listen to them, empathize! It’s only through this that respect will come your way. Learn to respect all, regardless of their stature, designation or power..

Stand Firm
In you are yearning for respect, make sure that you don’t stoop to the level of being a doormat. No matter how much people oppose you, stick to your grounds firmly. Especially when you are dealing with business, you have to stay focused and have a clear-cut view of the situation. Raise voice for what you believe in. Respect eludes doubtful people. So learn to be confident.

Encouraging Others
You could help someone in the process of decision-making or towards his or her vision of achieving success. Be available for others to encourage, support and help them through in situations when required. This will lead them to consider you as a considerate person who is concerned about the well-being of others. Hence, it paves way to increase their respect for you for the empathy that you show.

You may not realize, but everything from your dress to the way you talk makes a significant impression on others. A good dressing sense coupled with grace, good etiquette, correct posture and above all a great confidence is something people always look up to. Your behavior, attitude and the way of perception also highlights your personality to a great extent. Tweak up your personality and see life change!

Principle Of Honesty
Let the base of all your dealings be honesty. Your character is best portrayed in terms of the amount of trust others give you. Your principles and morals could be very well invested to attain respect from others.

Be Cheerful
No one likes to keep the company of glum people. Learn to be cheerful, generous and kind. Whenever you get a chance to help someone, don’t miss the opportunity to help. If someone criticizes you, accept that with an open mind. Do not turn hostile or defensive. Be graceful and maintain your poise. You will be rewarded with respect for not losing your cool.

Act Confidently
When you are confident about yourself, no matter however hard others try, they won’t be able to dissuade you. Confidence builds up as a result of self-respect, which helps you value your talents, your contributions and the relations that you are involved in.

Respect Other People’s Opinions
People offer you opinions either because they are experienced enough or hate to see you in distress. Value their opinions and think over it before you move on with your decisions. Whether you accept it or not totally depends on you, but do respect them for giving you options when you were deprived of thoughts.

For some, it takes a lifetime to gain respect, while for others, it seems to be a cinch. No matter what you do, honor yourself, your commitments and others and respect will surely come your way.