Overcoming Fear Of Rejection

Overcoming Fear of Rejection

Have you had instances where your jaws locked and knees wobbled and you felt, “It’s better not to try rather than face rejection?” Fear of rejection makes the strongest and bravest of people freeze in their tracks. The world comprises of diverse people, each bearing different opinions, thoughts and ideas. Your views need not tally to that of others always. In such circumstances, you have to understand that the person who should ultimately accept you is ‘you’ yourself. When you have a large circle around you, you have to realize the fact that the chances of getting rejected are high and each time you are rejected you get to learn something new. If the sense of fear is restricting you from indulging in relationships, you better divert your thoughts to something useful rather than giving space to them. It’s indeed time to change the way how you perceive rejection and overcome it. It’s indeed going to take some guts, but once you develop a thick skin against it, you will know that ‘rejection’ is not a big deal after all. Here are a few ways on how you can overcome fear of rejection.

How To Overcome Fear of Rejection

Work On Yourself
The root cause of any fear is low self-esteem. You surely have to work on the level of confidence that is stored within you. You need not be reluctant in engaging with others for the fear of being abandoned. Hence, it is quite essential to make an attempt. Ponder over things that boost your level of confidence from within and improve the outlook of your life. This will help you to fill cracks in relationships with others.

Know Your Strengths And Weakness
You would never want yourself to be compared to others unless they are perfect. Well, nobody is perfect in this world. Accepting this will help you a great extent to relieve a great deal of pressure from yourself and face the reality that just like you everyone has their own limitations.

Leap Ahead In Steps
Whether you are giving yourself a new relation to deal with or be it any situation that you are dealing out of your comfort zone, take steps of progress every day. Do consider emotions but don’t let it overtake the entire mind. You will surely be boosted with the kind of response that you receive from the people you are associated with.

Feel Different About Rejection
If in any case, you come across rejection in any situation, don’t let it take you over for the rest of your life. Move on! It’s heavy time to change the way you think about getting rejected. There are lots of people outside who are willing to engage with you. Just go ahead socializing with others as much as possible. That will surely make you comfortable in dealing with new people.

Learn From Experiences
Frankly speaking, the maximum number of times you get rejected for a particular case, you get to learn something new about yourself. Consider an instance: Person 1 has come across so many rejections when dealing with a job offer. So, each time he is rejected, he knows the reason behind it. He overcomes this aspect the next time, which likely increases his chances of getting selected. While on the other hand, Person 2 has the fear of getting rejected and he is rejected in Interview 1. This makes him fall back getting depressed with a low self-esteem and waits for a while until he recovers. At the meantime, Person 1 succeeds in getting a job despite of so many rejections.

Have Anxiety, But Little
Having a little anxiety is entirely normal and is understandable. This is so because it helps you perform better when compared to the person who hasn’t got any anxiety.

Don’t Think What Others Will Think About You
You are lucky to have someone close to you who accepts you for who you are, rather than who you can be. For this, it is essential that you are true to yourself and also that you don’t exhibit a wrong impression about you among others. Whether you are humorous or not, intelligent or not, reserved or conservative, your friend should find you interesting and get along with you well.

Regain Back Your Self Confidence
Value yourself and always have positive thoughts about yourself. If in any case any person rejects your views or ideas, you need not have to take it personally. You have to believe in yourself and create a positive impact on why the idea got rejected and work towards it. Don’t bother much as to what others might think of you, rather be yourself and enjoy the way you are. You can sure listen to others for opinions, but it should be limited within a certain boundary. The ultimate decision is yours and you need to ask yourself what you want in life. Have confidence in what you decide and be prepared to face everything that comes your way.

Drive Away Negative Thoughts
Getting rejected might induce in you a series of negative thoughts, the intensity of which may vary from one person to another. These negative emotions may capture you and distort your thinking process largely. Developing a positive attitude and socializing with a huge majority of people will help in this case so that each time you feel you are turned down, you have new friends who will make you feel better.

Know yourself better and believe in yourself and you will not have the fear of getting rejected.