Opening Up To People

Opening Up To People

Are you someone who likes to keep things to yourself rather than saddling others with your stories? Well, then here is a quick reality check for you. Expressing oneself is clearly not a breeze and not everyone finds it easy to express their feelings naturally. However, that doesn’t mean that you withhold your feelings or bottle up your emotions for nothing. Your ideas, thoughts and feelings need expression and what better way to do that than speak up. Yes, it’s important to make yourself heard. But what about the circumstance when you can hardly open up to people because you have trouble speaking up? Here is the catch. There are certain situations in your life where you have to speak out and let your feelings known. And what better way to weed out the feeling than reaching out to the root cause of the distress. Finding out what hinders you from opening up can be the first step towards overcoming it. Remember, no one is perfect and that you have people around you who care. Trust those people and take out time to unleash your heart to them. Doing so won’t just win your friends, but will also help you lighten up.

How To Open Up To People 

Always Think Good About Yourself
This mindset is indeed essential for a positive upturn of attitude. It is important to realise the fact that if you don’t think good about yourself, no one else will. This belief forms the base of all your dealings and helps generate confidence and have a positive bearing on your life.

Practice Speaking To Yourself
Before you actually attempt to let out your emotions, it is better to practice speaking to yourself first. Keep a full-length mirror in front of you and speak as though you are in a serious conversation with someone. There are certain instances where you might speak well but falter due to nervousness. This above-mentioned technique will indeed help you face large crowds and speak what you actually want to say. Also, make it a point to be expressive at required places so that the seriousness of your context is highlighted.

Meet New People
Meet new people and initiate talks by extending hands and saying your name confidently and let the rest of the conversation take its own course. However, if you find it hard to carry a conversation beyond the two-letter word ‘hi’, you seriously need to look into the reason that gets you tongue-tied. Analyze yourself by jotting down points about your personality and what stops you from opening up.

Hang Out With Friends
While you are out with your friends, notice the range of topics they discuss. It may start with sports and deviate to motor cars and then films leading to food. Well, this is how a conversation flows. You don’t have to think what to say next, it comes naturally.

Trouble Starting
If you a reserved person and don’t know how to initiate a conversation, you can start off with a quick greeting or a pleasant smile. Gradually you can enquire about the person’s whereabouts and other things. The next level of conversation can be about their lives and you could tell them about your life and livings once the initial ice has broken. 

Complimenting Others
Compliment others for their effort or trait. Doing so won’t just boost their confidence but will also portray you as someone who applauds good work. This will create a good environment between you and the other person and will help forge a good relation. Also, feel free to express your opinion and chat up about other things.

Be Social
Hang out with your friends in parties and functions. This way you will meet new people and have new experiences. You will no doubt gain the confidence to speak up after listening to others and you will soon be transformed from the ‘shy guy’ to the ‘society guy’.

Analyze Yourself
Clearly state the reason as to why you don’t find it appropriate to open up to people. If there is some incident behind it, take up the initiative to talk to a person with whom you are very close or consult a counselor and speak out all your worries. This will surely help you through to make the right decision and go ahead in your life with confidence.

Sharing Concerns
Mostly when you have the power to speak up to people, you feel relieved that there is someone who is concerned for you. The power of sharing is huge and some or the other solution turns up by the end of your conversation. For this, you need to find an appropriate person whom you trust and who is ready to maintain the relation, no matter what you do.

Being open helps you to mark your inner self clearly among your close ones, which helps you to deal with your feelings and come up with appropriate solutions as well. Hope this article has guided you through to absorb ways on how to be open to others.