Being Cool

Self Confidence

How-To Be-Cool

Cool people always go ahead in life. They get the best jobs, better raises, better friends, and all the good things in life one can care for. Hence, being cool is positively critical. Everyone yearns to be cool. However, only a few manage to pull off a ‘cool’ show.  Being cool is not exclusively about wearing flashy clothes, faking an accent or hanging out with a glitzy crowd. When talking about a cool person, the first thing that comes to your mind is the perception of someone who is confident, unique and friendly. However, do remember that you cannot hold a magic wand and be cool in a snap. It requires a change in your attitude and a little bit of self-assessment, adjustment and practice. As a first step to be cool, you have to understand that coolness is a state of mind. It is hard to be cool if you are constantly worried about what other people think of you. Be affirmative and comfortable with yourself; you will notice that you have become a leader instead of a follower. And yes, never try too hard to be cool. Remember, being cool is an effortless behavior. Never overdo it!

How To Be Cool

Be Aware Of The Way Others Perceive You
Two people can never think alike. So, never bother enough about how people judge you. Always remember that you will never be able to please everyone. Though you are immune to the way others judge you, you must keep a check on the way others perceive you. Being cool is also about people’s perception of you in terms of physical appearance and body language.

Present Yourself In A Positive Manner
Always keep a straight posture and look straight into the eyes of the people when talking to them. Slouching when walking or staring away while talking creates a very bad impression. You need to appear and feel confident to receive the respect you require. Remember not to walk too fast as it will make a feeling that you are running away.

Dare To Be Different
Irrespective of whether you are standing for yourself, defending some other person or taking interest in something that no one else does, it’s important to be different and unique. Those people are cool who occasionally swim against the tide and make people question the status quo. At times when people attempt to take the attention out of you, the best thing to do is to disregard their remarks casually.

Dare To Speak Out
You might have observed cool people talking confidently and clearly at a very good pace. Conversational style is the best key in being cool. While engaged in a conversation, remember not to pause, chatter or mutter. Remain confident. Irrespective of negative responses from people, it is important to stand by what you said.

Be A Good Conversationalist
There are times when it is better to stay silent and analyze the conversation than intervene. Everyone loves a person who is aware of what to say at a specific moment. If you wait for the right moment to speak, the result will be huge. If you are in the middle of a group of people, before you make fun of them or kid with them, make sure that you know the limits or you know the kind of people whom you are kidding.

Avoid Using Colloquialisms
Using colloquialisms make you appears artificial or the recipients might feel difficult to understand the language. Ensure you speak normally, clearly and confidently and if you feel it essential to use polysyllabic words, remember not to go overboard. Finding the right balance in the speech is very important to make you seem intelligent and sophisticated in the presence of peers.

Avoid Excessive Eagerness
Everyone likes people who are outgoing, but not someone who is over excited. Many people find someone who is over eager to be quite irritating. Ensure not to force yourself on people. While engaged in conversation, always remember to strike a balance between friendly and obsessive.

Look Cool
In order to look cool, unfazed by opinions, you need not be stuck up visually, but must be right mentally. Your appearance increases the confidence and at the same time, changes the way people look at you.

Be Independent
You need not require a posse to be cool and need not always seek the permission of others before doing anything. Ensure not to be daunted just because you are alone. Even while going to a restaurant, you need not rely on others, as you are clear of what you require.

The Way You Think About Yourself
It is important for you to feel good about yourself, which makes others feel good about you. Many a times, you can hear your self-voice which says, ‘I’m not good at this, no-one will want to be my friend’ which will discourage others from hanging out with you. If the self-voice is like ‘I want to try this, I know about that, I can do this’, even others will have the same feeling that even they will be attracted to you.

Maintain Your Coolness
Most of the times, cool people, do not get excited about things, and don’t talk unless they have something to say. It is easy to be cool, ensure you maintain your coolness. Always learn how to deal with people and ensure not to get frustrated or angry. One of the secrets of being cool is when one is between trying and not trying at all, things accidentally fall into place.

Being true to oneself and one’s ideas is what makes you cool. Don’t confuse yourself with cool and popular — they are completely different, since one is a state of mind and the other is a trend.