Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming Shyness — How To Overcome Shyness

You suddenly enter a room to find a large group of unfamiliar faces, all heading to greet you. You shake, sweat, and fluster and the first thing you want to do is cut and run. If this situation sounds remotely close to you, or if you have made an idiot of yourself before by being a wallflower at social dos, it’s time to graduate from a shrinking violet to a more confident, charismatic self. Shyness is highly enfeebling, and the only way to overcome it is to put yourself into situations that are more social. It’s only with exposure that you can overcome your inhibitions. Shyness in people can be due to many facts and one needs to find out the root cause behind it to overcome it. Remember, it is not something that you can get rid of overnight. It requires a systematic approach with a strong belief in yourself, right from the word ‘go’. Almost everyone in this world is shy, but in due course, their strengths become more prominent and they just bluntly ignore their shortcomings and leap forward in life. To know more on how to overcome shyness, scroll down.

HowTo Overcome Shyness
Understand The Basic Root Of Shyness
Shyness can stem from the fear of being ridiculed, scorned or ignored. The probable explanation behind this could be anxiety and oversensitivity. Such feelings can pose as great hindrance towards your achievement of success in life. This can prevent you from voicing your ideas or concerns and sadly, stand as a major obstacle on your road to success. Being shy in such cases won’t help you in any way. Keep telling yourself that the person that you are dealing with is the same as you no different. In this way, you will be less inhibited in your approach.

Effort To Introduce Yourself
This is something that you might shy away from doing, especially when in a group. Suppose your friend misses to introduce you to a group, don’t just sit in a corner and be a mute audience. Don’t be afraid to chat up with everyone you meet. Never mind, if your friend blind-eyed you for a while. This is where you have to put in efforts and make an initiative to overcome your shyness. Confidently extend your hand with a smile, give a warm shake and introduce yourself. Ask others to introduce themselves as well. You will be surprised to see how good you feel about yourself after this.

It’s Simple
Your work is half done, if you follow the simple notion of asking more and talking less. This is because everyone loves to talk about themselves and it won’t be hard at all. When you meet someone new, develop the enthusiasm to know more about them and ask them questions about their journey of life so far. By this, you will get to know something new and can also acquire the positive qualities that they highlight while speaking so confidently. You need not worry of the scarcity of topics to talk, as you will figure out a flow once you begin the conversation.

Indulge In Complimenting
A compliment can surely help you through conversations as it boosts the confidence of the speaker. At the same time, don’t fake it as that will only make you come across as someone not genuine. Say it only if you mean it. Complimenting someone on his or her specialty can surely form a strong base for providing a generous atmosphere around you. This will help you feel comfortable and you will be able to open up in a better way. Today, you are found talking without fear to one and the next day you will be found speaking to a crowd. Fingers crossed!

Self Confidence
When you talk, your gesture indicates your level of confidence. Each one of you is endowed with some talents, yet the realization as to what you are best at is indeed significant. It is important to know the fact that everyone has drawbacks and you don’t need to feel shy about it. Rather there is something you are very strong at and you should use it as a tool when given opportunities. There is possibly no reason as to why you should be shy and not engage in groups. Each time you feel nervous, close your eyes and imagine a particular situation where you are shy. At the very next moment imagine the same situation replaced by a confident and bold you. This will help you get through quite well.

Set Goals For Yourself
Start analyzing reasons why you feel shy and list them down. Consider them one by one and get over them periodically, which will help you to build confidence from within and help you encounter situations with ease. Take as much as time you require on working it out effectively and when required you may also move back the list to the previous entrée with the main focus being laid on self-improvement.

Never Compare Yourself With Others
It’s important to realize that you are unique. When you compare yourself with others, their abilities are measured up to yours and the result is a feeling of worthlessness. This scenario can worsen things for you and leave you feeling shyer.

Time To Broaden Your Comfort Zone
You might not always enjoy the first experience of trying out something new. It’s always scary and frightening, but take it in the positive sense and head towards it or else you will fallback a step in life. In order to grow socially, there will be instances where you would have to step out of your comfort zone and place yourself in situations where you are not quite comfortable. Don’t let your shyness hold you from challenging yourself to take up interesting and exciting endeavors.

When you dump your inhibitions for good, which might take some time and a good deal of perseverance, you will see how much your life changes. And remember, when you walk into a room and get those familiar jitters, just know that most of the people are busy combating their inner inhibitions too.