Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording


Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording

Hurray, it’s your friend’s wedding! Treat her to a memorable bachelorette party to show how happy you are for her. Bachelorette parties, also called hens-parties, hens-nights or hen-dos, celebrate a bachelorette’s last few days of singledom. These parties, organized in the honor of the bride-to-be, are getting highly popular in all parts of the world. This means that you don’t have to look too far for ideas; there are plenty available everywhere. However, you do need great invitations to make sure all your friend’s friends make it in time to this get-together. While what you decide to feed on in this party is your choice entirely, we can definitely help you with wording those invitations. After all, it is the invitations that set the expectation for the party and draw friends like flies to this do. Don’t be too formal; use funny poems or even quotes; and don’t forget to mention who, when and where! It’s as they say: devil lies in the detail. For examples, read on!

About Bachelorette Party Invitations
There are a thousand ways of celebrating singledom — bachelorette parties being one of them. The main theme of such parties obviously, is to have fun and fun comes when a bunch of fun-loving people come together and celebrate. We all happen to know such people but the deal here is to get them all under one roof. This is where invitations come to play. Remember the following when wording invitations for bachelorette parties:

    • Do mention the bride and groom’s names. People would want to know who their friend is getting married to; besides you wouldn’t want names of any exes coming up!
    • No party is complete without gifts. If you don’t want people to turn up with gifts then say so explicitly. If, on the other hand, you don’t mind gifts then at least make sure that you help your guests pick up the right stuff. You could make subtle suggestions about the kind of gifts that the bride is looking for; ranging from honeymoon stuff to kitchen and home appliances, the list is all-inclusive.
    • Also appreciated would be the gesture of mentioning your relationship with the bride-to-be, in the card. That would help people ascertain the kind of mood they can expect at the party.
    • Make sure that you mention the time, date and venue of the party. The invitation should also clearly inform the guest about the program and theme of the get-together.
    • Bachelorette party invitations can be prepared on post cards, personalized notes, cards or even e-mails. Including funny notes or poems in the invitation wording is also a great idea. Read on for a few examples. 

Examples For Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording

    • “It’s time to give my sister Megan a night with her friends,
      One last celebration before single life ends.
      Its girl’s night out, there is no doubt!
      Let’s paint the town, as Megan’s single days are winding down!
      We’re all coming together for Megan’s last few days
      As a free, single woman with crazy girl ways.
      We’re having a party; we do hope you’ll come
      Bring a small, sexy gift for her honeymoon fun.
      Then let’s pile-up in the limo and head out for the night
      Li’l Miss Megan should be quite a sight!
      A final drink to single life
      Before the bride becomes a wife! (Day, date, time and venue)
    • “A Hens Party
      Honoring (Bride’s Name)
      On (Date of the Celebration)
      The fun begins at (Time of the Celebration) sharp with
      Dinner at the home of (Hosts Name)
      (Location of the Celebration)
      And then off for Drinks and Dancing
      RSVP (Date and Contact Numbers)”
    • “The wedding is approaching closer and closer, and Kimberly is getting more nervous. Come make her forget about all the worries with some girl’s night out fun.” (Day, date, time and venue)
    • “Girls just want to have fun, when the moon replaces the sun. Come join us to celebrate, before Mary marries her mate.” (Day, date, time and venue)
    • “Whatever our fancy
      From our head to our feet
      Let’s get together at (location)
      And celebrate Ann’s last day as single! (Day, date, time and venue)
    • “Katy found the right man,
      We heard the great news.
      They’re setting a date
      To say their “I do’s!”
      This calls for a Bachelorette Party
      Come celebrate with the bride-to-be
      (Day, date time and venue)
    • “It’s time to for the girls to mix and mingle
      These are Katy’s last days of being single
      Time is ticking and the bells will soon chime
      Let’s get out and get crazy
      While there is still time!
      (Day, date, time and venue)
    • “A great friend is getting married
      And asked me if I would
      Stand beside her at the altar
      I must get a dress and hold the flowers
      And give a wedding toast
      But throwing the Bachelorette Party
      Is the job I like most!
      Celebrate with the bride-to-be
      Frances Smith
      On (day, date, time and venue)
      Hosted by (you name)
    • “Alicia has found her Mr. Right
      Let’s get the girls together before the big night!
      You’re invited to
      Alicia’s Bachelorette Weekend
      Save the date and write it down
      For the grandest celebration, this side of town”.
      (Day, date, time and venue)
    • “Girls, grab your heels
      Wave goodbye to your guys with a smile
      And join us for a
      Bachelorette Party Weekend
      Before Jessica
      Takes her walk down the aisle
      (Day, Date, time and venue)
    • “Thomas caught her
      Hook, line and sinker!
      Help us celebrate Kristen’s
      Last days as a single woman
      At a Surprise Party in her honor”.
      On (Day, date, time and venue)
    • “Yvonne is finally taking the plunge with Trevor
      But she’s not hooked yet!
      So let’s throw her a party she’ll never forget!
      Join us for a Bachelorette Party!
      (Day, date, time and venue)
    • “Allen snatched her from us, made Michelle fall in love with him. And tomorrow, they’ll unite forever. Let’s give Michelle one last night of adventure and show her what she’ll be missing out on (Day, date, time and venue).
    • “While Elizabeth’s Prince Charming is away
      We are taking her out to play
      Everything will be just right
      For one last wild and crazy night!
      Join her at (location) on (date and time)
      And help her celebrate her last days being single.”

So, these were some interesting ideas and wordings for bachelorette party invitations. Hope all the above information helps you put down an invitation that is hard to ignore. Have a nice time!