Bathroom Etiquette


Bathroom Etiquette

Imagine yourself waiting in front of a public bathroom, only to find the door closed with a person inside, talking over the phone in a loud voice and least bothered about people waiting outside. You might have witnessed office bathrooms being changed into spaces for heated business discussions making the place seem drowned in hapless confusion. Public and office rest rooms witness such dramas everyday, making it all the more important for people to understand bathroom etiquette. This is something which we all should understand and implement in our lives although there aren’t any written codes regarding bathroom rules and etiquette. Unfortunately, in spite of evolving into an age of technological sophistication, our civility has not quite developed. Some amount of thought put into the well-being and consideration of the next visitor could make you a person of good manners. It could also make bathroom visits seem less hostile. A little empathy for your fellow beings can change the way you feel. And it is not only in public places, your home also calls for following this etiquette. 

Bathroom Manners

Bathroom Etiquette For Office

    • Irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman, ensure that in no case do you make the bathroom a space to do your business deal.
    • It is not good to see anyone going out without washing his or her hands after using a bathroom. So, always wash your hands after using the washroom to rid yourself off all the germs that you might have contacted from the contaminated washroom doors or other surfaces.
    • It is very embarrassing and awkward to find someone waiting at the bathroom door when one comes out. So, instead of waiting in front of an occupied bathroom, give your co-worker some space and go back to your desk or try using another bathroom.
    • Irrespective of your position in the organisation, remember that everyone has equal responsibility of following the bathroom etiquette. With regards to washing your hands or flushing the toilet after use, follow the rules strictly and be a role model for your colleagues. Do not expect any privileges even if you are the numero uno of your organisation.
    • Do not make the bathroom a mess by leaving toilet papers and other waste lying all around. Ensure that you clean the filth before leaving the bathroom. Consider the bathroom as the one in your own house and keep it clean.
    • Make sure you don’t make the toilet a space for socializing or a mini-library. By doing this, you are monopolizing the space and denying someone access. Always keep one thing in mind that others are waiting. 

Etiquette In Public Places

    • People usually use cell phones in bathrooms. Always remember that hearing the toilet flush on the phone is very awkward and disrespectful to the person whom you are talking. Make sure that you do not embarrass the other person by making your bodily functions public.
    • Just imagine the situation in which you use the bathroom only to realize that there are no toilet papers. If you are the last person to use it, ensure that a new roll is put in place or at least others are made aware of the lack of toilet paper. You can contact the person who is in charge of maintaining the bathroom and get the roll fixed.
    • Engaging in a conversation with others in front of a public bathroom is absolutely unacceptable. It is advisable to avoid talking about private or unpleasant subjects in a raised voice around a bathroom.
    • Holding spots while standing in a crowded bathroom line can create problems. Allowing those people who are in a hurry to go is a basic courtesy that must be extended by responsible citizens. 

Etiquette In Aircrafts

    • The doors of bathrooms in aircrafts are small and can be difficult to close due to the scarcity of space. So, before you start the activities, ensure that the door is safely locked. It is quite embarrassing to have someone walk in on you while you are using the cubicle.
    • Etiquette rule states that if the cleansing containers in aircrafts are empty, you must ask the flight attendants to refill it.
    • If the fellow passenger takes a long time, you can give a polite knock on the door to remind them that others are waiting. But ensure not to employ this technique before it has been at least five minutes. Also, make sure that the knock is always polite; never aggressive. 

Home Guest Bathroom Etiquette

    • The host must provide a clean bathroom in order to make the guests feel at home.
    • If you have guests at your house, arrange for fresh towels, a tube of toothpaste and a new bar of soap.
    • It is not good for the guests to use the toiletries of the host; everyone must carry their own lot of toiletries.
    • In case the guests forget the toiletries, they must ask the host before sharing the body wash, shampoo and bar soap. Although the guest is not expected to clean the entire bathroom, it is basic etiquette to replace the lids of all bottles that have been used and place everything back in their original locations.
    • The guest must use hand wash after using the bathroom and should not leave water droplets around.
    • Always remember to switch off the lights, geysers and exhaust fans before you leave your host’s bathroom.

Bathroom etiquette show our lifestyle and the respect that we have towards our fellow beings. A little concern for others does not create issues for you; it only makes you a better person. Rarely can you see any written codes in bathrooms and rest rooms. But always remember that etiquettes are something which you must carry wherever you go.