How To Look Classy

How To Look Classy

Being classy is all about style, elegance, sophistication, polished etiquette, grace and finesse. And if your realize, there are barely any shortcuts to achieve that. To be classy, you need to invest more efforts in grooming yourself from within than just blowing tons of cash in expensive apparels and accessories. You do not need to have the perfect hourglass figure or chiseled physique or have all the luxuries in the world to be classy. Classiness is about being refined, about carrying yourself with grace and doing things with panache. It is not always about what you wear. Rather it’s about how you present yourself that determines your classiness. Your lineage, social savviness, values, manners, hobbies, speech, achievements— all go on to add to your swish. Having a seven-figure salary may be enough to take you to the world of luxury, but it certainly isn’t enough to make you any classier. Agreed, being able to afford luxuries helps you learn how to be classy. However, it does not make a person advanced. A classy person is special. Trail the list to know what it takes to be classy and posh.

Be Specific In Choosing Your Friends
There are few battles, which are worth fighting. Stand up for those people who cannot stand for themselves such as mentally disabled, animals and children. If a person is rude to you, just ignore him/her or better, wait for yourself to calm down and address your issues to that person. You can also treat them in a polite manner by making it clear that you do not encourage what they do, without being hurt. Always remember not to stoop to their level and make nasty comments about other people. Always be in the company of polite and positive minded people who encourage your classy and intelligent lifestyle.

Develop A Sense Of Style
Being fashionable is a necessity. Try reading more fashion magazines to understand the kinds of clothing that go well together and how to put together a classy outfit. Make sure that you develop your own fashion style and make your own posh statement. Avoid anything which you feel doesn’t compliment you. It is advisable to have a personal style than chasing a ‘fad’ look.

Possess Good Hygiene
Always remember to be clean, comb your hair, keep your nails nicely trimmed and dirt free, brush your teeth and take a bath. While spraying perfume, make sure you use it sparingly. Disproportionate use of perfumes is not attractive and will not enhance the hygiene. Being clean is very important and being filthy is not agreeable.

Speak Coolly
This shows your politeness. If you speak loudly, it seems that you are desperate to get attention. Being loud in public places is not horrible, but you must be considerate to the people who surround you. Always listen what people have to say and ensure you make an eye contact while communicating.

Wear The Appropriate Accessories
For women, ensure you wear the suitable jewellery. There are numerous fashionable pieces, but there are some pieces, which do not go well with some outfits. For example, using evening gown along with a cheap plastic jewelry will ruin the classy effect of the gown. The accessories must be worn with the appropriate outfit, which makes the dress classy.

Keep Yourself Professional
For men, it is not professional to have a beard. Keeping a beard is just unethical and creates an impression that you are too lazy to shave. If you have a mustache, you can keep that, but ensure that it is orderly and clean.

Walk With Sophistication
Make sure you walk with elegance and sophistication. Do not keep your nose in the air and your baby finger pointed outwards. You must walk with smooth steps without waving your arms back and forth. You clothes must not be flying around, your chest should not be bouncing up and down and the hair must remain in place. This is walking in an elegant and classy way.

Choose The Words Wisely
The classy person listens more than he speaks. Developing a strong vocabulary is very important, but never use a word unless you are sure of its meaning. It is also important to correct others while they speak improper grammar. Differences in language, family life, background and education force people to speak in a different manner. Moreover, it is very much embarrassing to be corrected by a know-it-all.

Understand What You talk
Intelligence is the key for a classy person. You need not be a bookworm to be intelligent and need not show off. However, ignorance about current events does not make a classy person. You must have a basic knowledge in as many subjects as possible as it will make you come across as someone intelligent and well informed.

Never Lose Your Cool
There are situations where you feel the need to put your foot down and scream. The advice here is not to lose control and have a mindset, which allows moving forward and not damaging your relationship with people unnecessarily.

Follow Etiquette
Proper etiquette while dining out at a restaurant or while sipping a tea is necessary. Posture, manners and grace is essential to show your classiness. If you need to cough, you can use a napkin and if you burp, you can say an ‘excuse me’. If you are listening to someone else, turn your head towards him or her. Etiquette is just a matter of common sense.

Engage In Good Deeds
Picking up a thing which a lady drops, holding a door open, giving flowers for no reason are some good deeds which shows that you have class. You can volunteer your time at nursing homes, hospitals and in libraries, which shows that you have class and you are giving back to your community at the same time.

Make your inner sophistication and stylishness stand out by dressing better, following proper etiquette, using sophisticated language and giving right body signals to others. It will make you classy.