Office Party Etiquette


Office Party Etiquette

After a tired day at office, you would normally want to relax and loosen your muscles. But when you know that, at the end of the day a party awaits you, and that too an office party, all you can do is sigh…audibly. The formality of it all beats the purpose that a party is held for — fun. However, that doesn’t have to be the case at all. Office parties can be fun-filled get-togethers where you can loosen those ties, wear your hair down and makes loads of new friends. The trick is to stay friendly, civic and dignified. Most of the corporate beginners tend to have questions regarding what to say, who to approach and how; how to dress, how to behave and how not to behave are all things that keep gnawing at people when an office party comes into close view. The answers to these lie in the lines of the section that follows. But for starters, make sure that you are humorous but not embarrassing, confident not impolite and dignified not aloof. You also can’t brag; it is advised to behave cautiously for you might just be watched. Despite all the warnings, you don’t have to panic; we have it all sorted out for you. The next section talks about all the rules you’d need for an office party.

Rules For Office Party

For The Organizers

    • Do not host the party at an inappropriate venue. Check the venue and select it only if it is large enough to hold a business party, has a decent parking space and has plenty of transport options available at close proximity.
    • Do inform the employees, subordinates, bosses and colleagues if there is any change in the date, time, theme or the location.
    • Do inform if you have any theme in mind and arrange the things you require beforehand. That shows how well you are in organizing things.
    • Make the party comfortable for people of almost all ages. Let it not end up feeling like a bachelor party; that might just leave a lot of people feeling embarrassed.
    • Make sure you include everyone, right from the highest ranked officials to the junior staff, in the list of the guests. Do not exclude any person out of your guest list.
    • Be aware of the day you fix your party on. Avoid the party on a day of strikes or any other political demonstration.
    • Make definite arrangements for the safety of your guests. Do not just leave until the party is over.

Dos And Don’ts For An Employee

    • Do not refuse the invitation unless and until you have a valid reason for your absence. It’s a party organized for you so it’s better if you do not turn it down for petty reasons. If you can’t stay the whole while then try attending for a minimum of 30 minutes to respect the gesture and the organisers’ efforts.
    • Do not act like someone who just does not know how to talk or behave in public. Be professional yet amiable. Do not overdo anything; it is important that you balance your professionalism and your enthusiasm.
    • Do not overdress. It maybe a party but it’s an “office party” and decorum still rules the day. Avoid nightclub attire and stick to formals and casuals. To be on the safer side, ask the organizer about the theme of the party and the code of dressing. Do not end up wearing something too flashy or absurd or revealing.
    • Do talk and mingle with others. This is not a place where you can shy away from people, sit in a corner and pretend to be invisible. This is a place to make new friends and understand the culture of the organisation. And for this, you must think and talk in a very civic manner.
    • Do bring humor in your talk and keep the conversation going. Avoid boring office talks and do not bring in controversial topics like religion, political groups and other sensitive issues. Do not act negative and talk solely about the complaints you have. Be positive and act the same. It is better to avoid office gossips.
    • Do not flirt. Office party is a place to socialize in a pleasant manner; flirting might just mar your reputation and get you into unnecessary trouble.
    • Do not take the office party as a means to drink a lot. Your drinking must be kept in a limit. It is best to avoid drinks and resort to other beverages instead. Do not engage in heavy drinks like whisky and beers. You might not be in your senses at the time but the next day, you are sure to know what embarrassment tastes and feels like.
    • Always keep your drinks on your left hand. It is best to avoid handling drinks on your right. You do not want to give a wet handshake or spread cold when you meet your higher officials. Best to avoid holding food on your right. Greasy and oiled hands do not make for good handshakes!
    • If you have to bring a person along for company, know that you will be held responsible for their actions too. Hence, you would be better off if you educated your guest also on the same do’s and don’ts that apply to you. Also, it would be wise to bring a guest that you know very well. This way the office party would be more comfortable for you.
    • Do not pounce on the food; meals can wait a bit. If you have come straight from your office, then look around and do a bit of catching up before giving in to your hunger. Please, do not overeat! The sight of you hogging could be a turn off but the sight of you belch and/or throw up is a downright violation of polite society laws.
    • Do not consume too much of salty and greasy food. It could make you want to drink more. Opt for food which has starch and protein; it serves as a good choice for the slow absorption of alcohol in your blood.
    • Do have a clear idea about the transport system available and enquire if there are cab services provided by the company. Do not drink and drive, it could cost your life as well as someone else’s.
    • Do thank the top management, the host and your immediate boss for throwing a wonderful party. Consider giving a thank-you note as a token of respect.
    • Do take part in activities in the parties. Do not play a spoilsport. Participate and show enthusiasm in the activities. It could just get you admirers and you may also be considered for future events by the higher officials.
    • Do take a spare dress if the party is immediately after the office. You do not want to be all smelly, sweaty and weary. It is best to freshen up before the party and have a glance at the mirror to see if you are fresh enough to enter the party hall. Be at your best.

Office parties can be fun or they can be messy affairs that you’d rather forget. It is really up to you to make a memory or a nightmare out of such get-togethers. Be at your best behaviour but try not to appear too slick lest people start thinking of you as fake. Just be natural, be yourself and be happy! Have fun!