Cocktail Party Etiquette


Cocktail Party Etiquette

Received an invitation for a cocktail party from your friend? Well, it’s time to begin working out some facts that will leave a great impression on them. People love hosting cocktail parties as this is the best way to keep in touch with friends and families. They are high-profile events hosted for business associates or weddings. Large quantities of food are served, on this occasion, but very little is actually consumed! The time duration may vary from two hours upwards. If you are new to the concept of hosting then there is a lot of work you need to put in for a successful cocktail party. This article will also help you develop and polish your basic skills as an invitee so that you can win yourself some admiration amongst your close ones. The factors mentioned are, indeed, crucial in appearing civilized and maintaining good conduct for a cocktail party. After the first impression has been created, nothing can take it back! If you are interested in learning more about cocktail party etiquette then read on further.

Etiquette Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party Invitations/Arrangements
If you are the host, make a plan depending on the number of guests on your list. For a big scale function, ensure ample seating arrangement before the party begins. While deciding on food, choose appetizers or mini cuisines that can be picked with toothpicks. If you receive an invitation for a party then it is your duty to inform the host whether you can attend it or not so that they can have an idea of the numbers that they can expect.

Maintain Timing
If the invitation mentions a particular time then keep track of it. Usually, parties give a time range. In this case, you can come about half an hour after the start time. Also remember that this can be altered according to the host’s wishes.
Dress Appropriately
The purpose of the event is not to show off your clothes! Dress according to whether the cocktail party is business related or casual. It is advisable to enquire from the host beforehand if there are any themes or dress codes.

First and foremost, offer a handshake when you are meeting someone new. Greet them with a genuine smile. Introduce yourself by saying your name and asking for theirs. Avoid a situation where even after talking to someone for 20 whole minutes, you walk off without knowing/remembering their name! Try and mingle with as many people as possible and don’t stay limited to a small group. Being social, polite and graceful are some of the most important qualities to possess.

Keep Napkins Handy
Being the host of the party, you must make the party easy for guests by opting for dishes that are light and easy to carry. Always, keep a napkin handy. As a guest, do not fill your plate with lots of food at once. Consume in small bites and chew quickly so as to keep the conversation going. In cocktail parties, you will either find a waiter serving food in trays or you may have to line up for a buffet.

No Gossip
Keep yourself away from gossip and cheap talk because there are chances you may be overheard or misinterpreted. In a group, if the topic of discussion gets too intense then immediately create a diversion to a new subject.

No Overdose Of Drinks
You are permitted to have alcoholic drinks but make sure that you know your limits and can control yourself. Embarrassment is certainly unnecessary! Drinks should be limited to a maximum of two in number to avoid problems. Take small sips instead of big gulps. If you are driving back home, stay away from the alcohol and stick to mocktails.

Drinking Manners
The key to good etiquette is to drink only when you have no food in your mouth. Most cocktails are garnished with mint leaves or fruits. Although it is advisable not to eat these, you may if you like. But make sure you don’t crunch the ice in the process. Disgusting habit! Women must be careful not to use too much lipstick, as it may smudge on the glass.

Holding Drinks
There is a specific etiquette to hold your drink. Beer is served in mugs which are held by their handles, wine poured into flute-shape stemmed glasses which must be held by the stems. Hold your drinks in the left hand so that the right is free for introductions and handshakes.

Eating Etiquette
Food will be passed on to everyone; there is no need to grab or rush to it. For the convenience of guests, food served on toothpicks can be eaten directly. Always keep a napkin with you and ensure that you dispose the stick into the waste or on the small plates kept for this purpose. Take new plates for every helping rather than mounting your plate with appetizers, main course and the dessert! If you don’t want something, politely say, ‘no’.

Saying An Early Goodbye
If you have to leave the party early, then don’t forget to thank your hosts for the entertainment before you leave. Do not sneak out of the place.

You are invited to a cocktail party only because you are valued by the hosts. In order to keep up a good impression, it is advisable to maintain discipline and good manners. There are certain basic rules that you need to take into consideration such as being social and perceiving every situation well. This will help you win some notable friends!