Dinner Party Etiquette


Dinner Party Etiquette

Imagine a person sitting next to you at a party, burping loudly, drinking excessively, dressed inappropriately and talking gibberish the whole evening. Well, it is quite inappropriate and hence there are etiquettes which have been laid out especially for dinner parties. Following etiquettes is not the forte of only the rich and the famous; these rules form a part of basic civic sense and must be followed by all people. Without knowing party etiquettes, you can end up embarrassing yourself and others at such get-togethers. Knowing party etiquette not only makes you a civic guest but also makes you feel confident about being amongst others. It is not necessary that you follow the dinner party etiquette when amongst your family, but it is inappropriate to ignore the basic rules on the table in a public gathering. You may get away with drinking any amount of alcohol at a party but you would definitely end up making a sour impression by acting drunk. The bottom-line being that you must eat, drink and present yourself considering there are people around you and their sensitivities must be kept in mind at all times. After all, this is what being social is really all about. Read through the article to know the dinner party etiquette and the tips on how to follow them.

Tips For Dinner Party Etiquette
General Manners

    • If you are required to respond to an invitation then do so within a week.
    • If the theme of the party demands a dress code, adhere to it but don’t attempt to out-dress the hostess.
    • If you want to bring a guest along for the dinner party, ask the hosts in advance as their arrangements might need to be readjusted to make room for extra people.
    • Taking a small gift as a token of appreciation is always well received.

Table Manners

    • Once you are seated on the chair take the napkin and unfold it. Place it on your lap. You can use it when you want to wipe your lips or fingers. Once the dinner is over, leave the napkin on the place setting tidily.
    • Have the patience to wait until the food has been completely served and till the host starts to eat. It is considered decent to first serve the ladies and eventually the gentlemen.
    • The basic way of holding a knife and fork should also be known. Hold the knife in the right hand and the fork in the left such that the cutlery touches your palm and the forefinger rests on top and thumb on the base.
    • In between your meals, you can keep the knife and the fork on either side of the plate and once you are done place them in the center of the plate next to each other.
    • Try all the food being served. Take a little amount of every variety for taste. It is impolite to not taste all varieties. In case you are full or you do not like something, it is ok to leave a little aside but do not waste a lot.
    • It is good to have small talks with the guests around you. You do not have to seclude yourself from the crowd.
    • Use the specific spoons and knifes designated for each part of the meal. Do not use the same one for having the dessert and the main course.
    • It is considered good manners if you thank the host personally, or with a note, for the dinner party whether you are satisfied with it or not.
    • Soups are generally served hot. Do not blow on the hot soup or take a spoon and blow on it. Allow it cool and stir it before you start having it.
    • Do not make noises while chewing the food. Do not burp and slurp either. It is considered extremely inappropriate at a dinner table.
    • Talking while you have food in your mouth can result in the food falling out or choking the throat, so always speak after finishing the food.
    • Do not lean on others or on the table while you take an item. Ask someone to pass the item that you want to have.
    • Criticizing the food is not very polite, so be diplomatic and keep silent.
    • Do not pick your teeth or lick your fingers while sitting on the table. It is not nice to see anyone doing this.
    • Do not eat your plate clean thinking you are doing a favor to the host. It gives the impression that you haven’t devoured anything delicious in a while.
    • Keep the napkin semi-folded on the table or on your plate once you are done.

Drinking Manners

    • Drinking too much wine can be embarrassing for you and for the people around, so keep in control.
    • A different wine is served with each course, so it is absolutely ok to not finish each glass.
    • Do not turn down the wine glass to turn down wine; instead, just let it be poured. However, if you want to really decline then hold your hand over the glass to stop it from being poured.
    • Hold the wine glass by the stem and not the bowl or foot.

Following these etiquette does not mean you should be rigid with the rules or be very formal at the party. The party can be enjoyed while sticking to and following the party etiquette. Etiquette help us be at ease with our surrounding and are signs of a sound upbringing. Some might deem the person to be too slick but there is nothing wrong in being sophisticated and well-mannered. Presenting yourself well on the table and during the entire party is important. We hope these dinner party etiquette have helped you do so.