Texting Etiquette


Texting Etiquette

Text messaging has been a savior in the world of communications. Where talking over the phone becomes such a task in loud places and conveying ideas can be verbally challenging, text messaging comes in handy. It’s a great way of constantly keeping in touch and informing people of interesting tidbits of the day which don’t really require a long phone call. Text messaging can be a bliss as this is where the buildup of friendships and indulgence into the sacred art of flirting starts from. Although texting is a convenient way of keeping in touch, some amount of etiquette goes along with it too. Messaging wrong things at the wrong time in the wrong situations to the wrong people- is what you should be aware of; this awareness can avoid a lot of awkwardness for you. A few words gone wrong and tied with the wrong timing can really create a lot of misunderstanding. So go through the etiquette of texting given below, and stop being a texting nuisance for everyone around.

Etiquettes Of Text Messaging

    • While In Others Company: Agreed that the friends across the phone are important but it is more important to pay attention to the live people around you. While hanging out with friends for a casual drink or meal, it is explicitly rude to constantly message people and behave super busy, unless and until you are expecting an important text from someone. And even in that case, please make sure your definition of important isn’t flimsy.
    • As Bad As Drunk Driving: There is no excuse for texting while driving. It is an absolute dumb and dangerous move. You can do only one thing right and we’re sure you would want to keep your eyes on that busy road. The reply to your message can always wait!
    • Give It A Break: Texting every single minute of the day and keeping your friends updated of every move you make, doesn’t make you seem important. Instead, it gives an impression of an early teenager who is over obsessed and fascinated with the new messenger facilities. Over texting is never appreciated so finding that fine line is important. Maintaining a five minute of fun talk to lighten the mood should be good enough.
    • Turning Down The ‘Beeeeps’: While you are in office or a public place like a theater or cinema, it is polite to turn down the message ringing tone as its constant ringing can be a big distraction to the people around.
    • Capturing The Tone: While texting, it is difficult to capture the tone of the text. Someone who knows you well will know when you have conveyed some amount of sarcasm and humor. But otherwise, it is advisable to keep the text simple and straightforward.
    • You Can’t Text Message Everything: Texting is a personal form of communication and it should never be used to deliver formal messages like invitations. Also, delivering bad news and giving condolences are some instances which require a face-to-face talk or at least a phone call. Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend over a text message can be the worst form of breakup too.
    • Avoid The Complicated Reply: If the reply to the text requires a complicated answer then it is best to pick up the phone and just talk about it rather than struggling to punch in the words to get through an overwhelming explanation.
    • Drunken Texting: The aftermath of drunken texting can be quite diverse. Drunken texting close ones when in a happy mood means you can say things you never had the courage to express, but texting when angry means you have the courage to say things you never wanted to. So it’s best to keep your phone off-limits when you’re not sober!
    • Snazzy Slang You Should Avoid: Slang is an important part of texting. While some prefer to totally cut down on the words or make them very funky with ‘Il c u l8’ or ‘hw r u’; this can seem like an eleven-year-old’s way of being cool. It can also be quite difficult to decipher by many. The older ones should work towards keeping words the way they are and avoid the snazzy SMS streets. You can work on the cleverness by putting the words right.
    • The ‘k’ Reply: Avoiding unnecessary slang is one thing and avoiding a reply with just a ‘k’ is another. This can give an idea of utmost amount of disinterest. Worst than that, not replying to a message is rude and there is no excuse to this in today’s time when the carrier delivery facilities are so advanced. It’s the perfect way of making a person feel ignored. Avoid it.
    • DON’T CAP IT!: Yes, avoid writing the texts in caps lock completely. It is as though you are shouting at the recipient. Even if the caps locks have been turned on by mistake, it doesn’t come across too well!
    • Emoticon It Well: The smiley’s alleviate sarcastic comments and make a positive comment seem happier. A good combo of words and emoticons can make the message seem more effective and lively.
    • Don’t Text Just Anytime: Keep the time in mind and don’t message a person at just anytime if you’re not completely sure of their schedules. No one likes it if theire phone starts beeping in the middle of the night for no real reason. Sleep is sacred for many! If there is a time difference then make sure you keep that in mind too.

These basic rules of texting should be obeyed to and if you can’t follow them then yes you’ll be the victim of the ‘k’ reply, and maybe a social ladder which goes down. So get your timings right and use this technology well. V ll b ryt here for more help!