Getting People To Like You

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Getting People To Like You

Everybody wants to be liked and wish to have more and more friends. Some people are endowed with a natural flair to attract people wherever they go and leave behind a strong impression. These people do not require any introduction or prodding, they make friends by their own. In all cases, it is almost impossible to resist their charm and forthcoming appeal. Those people are often lucky enough to be reciprocated with good and strong relationships because they are naturally caring and cheerful, which are two essential factors of any good relationship. For such people, making relationship is not a hard task. However, there are other groups of people who are painfully shy and unable to push themselves to talk with people and forge friendships. They usually restrict themselves to some corners and remain unnoticed. Here are some interesting tips that help you to be friendly and appealing so that people get to like you. Read on!

How To Get People To Like You 

Smile makes you sweet and presentable. It is a welcome note that invites people to talk to you. Cheerful face and talks make any situation light and inspires the other person to stay in touch with you.  Do not hesitate to exchange a smile or say hi to familiar faces when the pass by you. 

Be Confident
You should behave confidently while talking to others. Neither stand with drooping shoulders nor look at the floor. This creates a very bad impression about you.  Be sure about what you say and do not hesitate to apologize if you make a mistake.

Control Your Emotions
Do not be overtly emotional or angry when you talk to someone. This will deter people from approaching you again. It does not, however, mean that you suppress your emotions and act indifferent. In fact, you should maintain a balance between the two extremes.  Remember, a good sense of humor is always appreciated.

Maintain Basic Hygiene
You should control body odors while at a group. You can use breath mints or minty gum, deodorant etc. to control bad odors. You should be fresh and gentle when you meet a person for the first time. Wear crisp, ironed dresses rather than lazily slipping into the wrinkled ones. It shows that you are laidback, which is definitely not a good impression.

Ask Questions
Enquire about people who talk to you. This shows that you are interested in talking to them. Do not give passive acknowledgment like “hmm” every time. Ask related questions so that a person knows that you are interested.  Do not talk too much about yourself.  Answer if the other person enquires about you. Make sure that you do not try to dig into their personal matters. Just ask some superficial questions about job, family, hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. Try to find out their interest and speak accordingly. Questions like “Where are you from?” “Are you married?” “Do you have kids?” etc. will do.

Be A Good Listener
Listen to what the other person says. Do not interrupt in between to put your point forward. Take your turn once the person is done with his/her chance.

Compliment Others
Compliment about good things. Say, “This color suits you well” or “You put forth a valid point in the meeting.” This will make others feel good but, always make sure that you say what you mean. Use correct words otherwise, the person may misunderstand your intention. Do not overcriticize anybody.

Use Names
Try to use their names instead of just using a salutation. Using name sounds better than a plain salutation because it shows that you remember the person and value the relationship. For example, say “Hi James” instead of saying just a ‘hi’. You feel good when someone call you by name rather than asking it repeatedly. Find out the interest of the other person and discuss about it instead of talking about your favorite subject.

Do Not Vanish
Do not vanish from the midst of a scene. If you really need to go, then explain the situation and apologize. Also tell something like “We will meet soon” to convey that you are leaving because of the urgency, not because you don’t like talking to that person.

No Backstabbing
Don’t ever talk behind anyone’s back because it creates an image that you are a back stabber. People will gradually move away from you thinking that you may backstab them as well.

Be Calm
Don’t hurt other’s feelings. Do not use harsh words to express your disagreement. Always put forth your point with a calm temperament.

Know The Person
The ideas of relationship are different for different people. Some people make relationships out of genuine interest while some others look for benefits like job, achieving goals etc. It is important that you understand what the relationship exactly implies for them. This is important to avoid over expectations, which later, may hurt you.

Eye Contact
Maintain constant eye contact with the person whom you are talking to. Do not look here and there as it creates an impression of disinterest. Also do not look at the person from head to toe; nothing is more annoying than this.

Be Yourself
Be honest and genuine. Do not pretend, you will not be able to continue that forever.  Later when the actual picture is revealed, the other person will feel bad about you and may even think that you as someone fake.

It is human nature that you want others to like you but, pleasing others and making good impressios is something that should be dealt with care. A small mistake can spoil your image forever. So, be careful while dealing with such situations.