How To Be Funny

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How To Be Funny

Being funny is a serious business.  Everyone has a funny bone hidden somewhere, but using it at the right time and right place is clearly not everyone’s forte. Giving people a hearty laugh is an innate quality that sadly doesn’t come naturally to most people. Most people, in their attempt to being funny, end up being a typecast joker. Well, if you are someone who wishes to be funny, all you need to do is ease up, tune up yourself and dig out that lighter side of yours that you have lost somewhere. If you have noticed enough, it’s always the charming funny bee that gets the limelight at work. Your extra hours at work might just give you the brownie points but, come-on, who wouldn’t want to be around the witty person! Don’t worry, being funny is not that difficult a task, you just got to try — not trying too hard, not putting in too much effort, and certainly not behaving as a sarcastic or downright neurotic. Again, not asking you to overdo it and behave like the “I don’t care” person. Be simple, be attentive and for starters, you can have a read at the tips to being funny. And just to tell you, don’t practice it front of the mirror, that is not quite what you are looking for.

Trust Your Sense Of Humor
Yes, you heard it right. Trusting your own joke and showing confidence in whatever you utter is sure to stand out. Shrugging away, being shy and mumbling is not quite hilarious. What might seem to be funny to one might sound flat to others. Now that doesn’t mean something is wrong with what you just said, it’s just how every individual perceives the world and different situations. And, it’s an indication of the people you should stick around to more!

Take It Down To Good Timing
Knowing a long list of Chuck Norris jokes and cracking them at the wrong time and at the wrong place is not the kind of funny to be. Good comedians would know that being spontaneous and adding elements of surprise and incongruous remarks would make the person giggle. Expecting the least expected is what makes a situation more fun. So grab the moment and say what you have to before the humorous moment just slips away.

Some Factual Knowledge
It’s quite reasonable to find funny elements in daily topics of discussion. So, it’s never a waste to acquaint yourself with 17th century literature or Paris Hilton’s hairstyles. However, the difference between a funny person and the ‘geek’ lies in finding the humor in these mundane things too. So, exploring the funny in facts and seeing what other people don’t can be a witty thing to do. Broadening your horizons and keeping yourself alert with what is happening around and what is not is rather important too.

Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously
You are not all that important for everyone around, so never take yourself so seriously. Making yourself the target for jokes and humor can be inevitably funny. Poking fun at your quirks and eccentric manners in a humble way and with a smile on the face can make you seem approachable and amusing. It is important to be able to laugh at yourself in a non-defensive way. Also, it is healthy to do so and can give you a very light and happy feeling.

Learn From Others What You Don’t Know
Well, if you can Google and YouTube intensively what you don’t know, you can do the same if you are not quite sure as how to make people laugh. Watch funny sitcoms on television and emulate their actions, words and facial expressions. Citing common expressions from famous episodes or reality shows can create a common connection to a funny situation. Reading funny books, comics and poems can do wonders and it’s always amusing to learn some good jokes. One-liners can never go wrong and they can be excellent when it comes to adding some spice to a dry conversation. For e.g. saying, “If we are what we eat, most of us are in danger of becoming French fries.” Also what better way than hanging out with funny people. Their humor is sure to rub off on you some time or another.

Maintaining The Fine Line
There is a very distinct line between being funny and being nasty and irrational. This greatly depends on the kind of person you are cracking the joke on. So, the amount of leg you pull should depend on the audience too. Teasing someone in an affectionate manner with the right tone and attitude can come across as being hilarious yet friendly.

The Sarcastic Approach
Adding irony and sarcasm is a smart and an intelligent way of being funny. This kind of humor usually caters to those who you know well or understand your sense of humor. Sarcastic comments should be delivered quickly and with the right timing as they could lose their value and make you look bad if said at the wrong time. And, if sarcasm is the only kind of ‘funny’ you know, then it best not to overuse your talents on the same people all the time.

As much as it is important to be a droll, you need to know when not to lose control on your laughter, comments and what not to joke about. Making fun of weddings, funerals, deaths or even children is not quite acceptable. However, if you still want to go about having fun, then it’s always safe to make sure you don’t have anyone around who could feel offended with the remarks made. Healthy humor and good taste are the signs of a decent individual, so it’s good to be careful at times too.