Gym Etiquette


Gym Etiquette

In a world where people are increasingly conscious about fitness, gym subscription has become a common thing. Being a public place where people visit on a regular basis, gym is a place where you should stick to some basic etiquette and keep everything good and safe. This is all the more important because a gym is associated with work-outs and sweat and hence, basic hygiene and moral etiquettes are highly appreciated. Isn’t it very annoying to workout amidst loud grunts? Isn’t it unhygienic to see someone’s sweat towel hanging on the equipment? Eww, definitely is! There are many such things which you may leave unnoticed but are quite annoying to other people around you. So, it is always better that you be aware of the basic gym etiquette so that you can avoid such things. What are these gym etiquette? Obviously, they are a bit different from those expected at the symphony or the cinema hall, but they happen to be equally important. This article provides you with some basic rules that would help you behave better in a gym. Read on and make sure that you practice these etiquettes from now on.

Gym Manners

Do’s Of Gym Etiquette

    • Sharing is basic gym etiquette. If you’re doing multiple sets on a machine, then allow others to use it during your rest periods. This may not appear to be practical always, but it is your courtesy to offer.
    • Maintain cleanliness. You should not walk away from the machine leaving a pool of sweat behind; someone is bound to use the machine after you. Make sure you do the needful to make the equipment hygienically available for others.
    • It is basic gym etiquette to wipe the equipment with towel after each set.
    • Keep the weights back once you are done with your exercise.
    • Learn to use the machines properly or else, you may end up with a mishap.
    • Make sure that you pick up your sweat towel from the equipment, without leaving a chance for others to lift it up.
    • Dress up properly, of course in comfortable outfits. It is not proper to walk around with a bath towel wrapped around your hip. And try to stay away from too comfortable shorts lest they may offer an undesirable peek-a-boo to your fellow gym-mates.
    • It is better to learn how to monitor your intensity. There is no point in working hard and getting exhausted.
    • Stay clear of areas like weight lifting platform, cable cross over machine etc. that require space.
    • Keep your stuff in the locker or the area provided for it. Do not leave your stuff in places which obstruct others’ movement even if you are exercising right next to it.
    • Wait for the personal instructor to complete the session if he is engaged with equipment orientation training.
    • Help others if they are in need for support and also make sure that you communicate to the spotter before your set.
    • Be punctual. You may be interfering with someone else’s schedule by coming late.
    • Wear athletic shoes in the workout area.
    • Make sure that you keep high hygiene measures and avoid body odors at all costs. Use double of your deodorant requirement, if need be.
    • Dry off after shower and then walk through locker room, do not wet the floor so that other people don’t slip.

Don’ts of Gym Etiquette

    • Do not interfere if someone is using a particular equipment. If you need it, ask whether you can work between his/her sets.
    • It is not good to use cell phones inside the gym. Keep your phone silent or switch it off before entering the gym lest it disturbs others. Attend only emergency calls and if you are attending a call, then walk out of the gym, finish the call and rejoin your exercise.
    • Do not swing the weights; use them in a controlled manner so that you don’t end up hurting yourself or spoiling the floor by dropping heavy weights down. Make sure that you have a spotter near to help.
    • Do not use crunches on leg press machine. Do not experiment with equipment; ask someone to guide you at least in the initial period, till you can work out on your own comfortably.
    • Avoid talking loudly or shouting in the gym. It is a public place and many others are working out around you.
    • Do not sing or whistle in the gym as it may annoy others
    • Never bang weight stacks on machines and do not bounce balls or play in fitness area. Respect the people and place around you.
    • Do not blow chewing gum or pop bubbles.
    • Do not interrupt someone if they are performing exercise and avoid asking for spot frequently.
    • Do not interfere with others’ workout; gyms have instructors who are responsible for that. However, if you feel that a certain maneuver might harm a person then you may gently put forth your concern to them.
    • Do not touch the equipment after sneezing on your hand, especially if you are suffering from cold. Wash your hand using hand wash or other sanitizer before touching anything in the gym. Repeat the same in case and once you use the restroom.
    • Do not smoke anywhere near the gym premises.
    • Do not bring children to the gym unless it offers child care services.
    • Don’t leave empty shampoo bottles or extra towels in the bathroom after you freshen up.

So, these were some important guidelines on how to behave in a gym. These should be considered with great importance when you visit a health club next time. You don’t want to trouble others by annoying them or spreading infection. Hope this article helped you understand the basic do’s and don’ts of a gym. Happy working-out!